Rainy training day

I did training indoors with all three dogs yesterday. The weather outside is off and on rainy and I got home late.

First up was Murphy my foster dog. We worked on the down command. Yep, 4 years old and working on down.

Next was Wyatt, who was over-excited. He might be too immature for the retrieving portion of the training. He flung the dumbbell all around and then tried to chew it. But we did get some successful retrieves. We also worked on the go out which he is great at. Finally I tried some heeling exercises that may or may not work. I’d been looking up some things online to see what I could do to get them more animated and lagging less.

Finally, I worked with Oakley. Worked on the same things as Wyatt. He did OK, but on the heeling portion, as always, he was behind. Though the third go-around he was better.

I might give them all the night off today. I feel a little annoyed today and it’s not a good idea to train when I’m feeling like this.


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