What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been well over a year since I last posted. We were on fun match number four, which was a success, and which lead to many more matches. We did not trial in April, but we did get their CGCs. We ended up trialing in June. Wyatt won the BN class with a 194.5 and Oakley won the RN class with a 99!

Oakley winner Wyatt winner

We continued trialing though the summer. Our second trial was during this same weekend and Wyatt and Oakley both won their classes again. In July, I took them to my Lab Club’s Specialty where Wyatt won the BN class for his title on his first birthday, then managed to win both of the RN classes that weekend, even beating his brother who won second place and his RN title. The weekend after the Specialty, I took Wyatt to the Stumptown show at the Expo Center where he won the RN class with a 97 and gained his RN title!

boys winners

Wyatt and I also started doing field work. He loves it! We are trying for his WC next weekend.

hunt 3

A few other things to note:

  • I changed my obedience trainer
  • I am on field trainer number two
  • I got a cat
  • I no longer foster dogs for the rescue
  • I’m on the board for the local Lab Club
  • I got a new job

More to come…


Putting the FUN in FUN matches!

This weekend marked fun match number four for the boys and I. By far, it should have been the toughest site — in a barn with dirt and horse manure. It was held in a county fair site’s horse arena. It was large and there were five rings and over 300 dogs on this day!

I only had one crate; I’m waiting for the other one to arrive in the mail and the boys are way too big to be shoved inside together. Once I got settled, I figured out who was running first and then got to work on introducing them to the site one at a time while the other one waited in the car. The initial introduction to the site was very exciting for both boys, as always. However, they both settled quickly and the wait was on.

Because I wasn’t sure about run times (being a newbie and all, plus they did not tell me where my obedience runs were or in which order — I knew that I would be close to last for rally) I got there 30 minutes after the 8AM start time. Then I waited. It was cold, but there were people there I knew, so I got to watch their runs and visit.

Oakley had two rally runs and did well with the exception of lagging in the heel and being a little distracted. Wyatt also did well, especially for a little boy (all of 8 months old). The obedience runs (beginner novice) went well and both did excellent! Well, with the exception of the figure-eight. The lag during the outside turns and Oakley got distracted. Oakley also stood and wagged for the sit for inspection while Wyatt did fine. Funny as Oakley is three years old. The sit-stay and recall were great. I also was able to try Oakley in the long sits and downs for Open — they needed more bodies.

All in all, a successful day. We would’ve qualified in each run, I do believe, but not necessarily with flying colors. We need to work on our heeling. The lagging must stop! However, we did have fun. The boys got treats, hugs, pats, and attention. The weather was beautiful though the barn was so cold and they both got to romp in the grass outside in the sunshine. When we got home, they played outside with their foster brother, Murphy, and then slept for ages.

Next match? I have one planned with the Lab Club May 11. I just might go to the trial in April though… We’ll see!Image